At the Atlantic Concert on the open-air stage, the WATER & SOUND Festival presents a double concert with two absolute greats of contemporary global music: the Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade and Oumou Sangaré from Mali.

When it comes to Cape Verdean music of the 21st century, Mayra Andrade is considered the voice of the future. Their multi-layered music is a beguiling mixture of African rhythms, Brazilian bossa nova, Portuguese fado, jazz and global pop. Their songs are sung in Cape Verdean Creole, English and Portuguese. Cape Verde’s music is characterized by its location in the Atlantic and its historical connections to Portugal, Brazil and Africa. Mayra Andrade skillfully and sensitively combines these traditional influences with numerous contemporary styles of global pop and is at the same time deeply rooted in the rich soil of African tradition: between percussive urge to move and fiery enthusiasm for the cultural legacy, Mayra Andrade created her personal cosmopolitan reinterpretation of classical Morna music.

As part of WATER & SOUND, Mayra Andrade and her guitarist Djodje Almeida meet the Ensemble Atlantique with musicians from the southern German jazz scene and the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Tom Jahn in an exciting and exclusive musical encounter of traditional Cape Verdean music, soul and jazz.

For many years, Oumou Sangaré has been widely regarded as one of Africa’s most powerful and important artistic voices. Malian superstar Oumou Sangaré has made it from abject poverty to become the grande dame of African music, has been sampled by Beyoncé and Jay-Z and has sung with Alicia Keys. Many of their songs, which combine West African percussion, polyrhythms and traditional instruments with the modern sounds of Afro-American pop music, have established themselves as timeless anthems far beyond the African continent. In her unique show, Oumou Sangaré combines the Wassoulou tradition from a feminist and socially committed perspective with modern instrumentation. A fascinating mixture, enthusiastically performed by her multinational band.


August 04 – open-air stage 7:30 p.m.

With the support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

The Freilichtbühneforms the southern boundary of the Red Gate ensemble. The three water towers are considered the oldest existing waterworks in Central Europe. It served as Augsburg’s drinking water supply for 463 years from 1416.


Before the event, there is the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the water towers. The tours will take place around 18:00. Pre-registration requested at