Aynur is one of the most prominent and important Kurdish singers of our time.

Open to contemporary global musical movements, she bridges the musical heritage of her homeland to contemporary jazz, folk and pop. Her 2005 song Keçe Kurdan became a symbol of her spirit of resistance and solidarity with disadvantaged groups: A call to women to fight against their oppression, it was even banned in Turkey at first. In the meantime, Aynur can look back on seven successful albums, several music awards and collaborations with international artists. Last but not least, Aynur’s participation in Fatih Akin’s music film Crossing the Bridge – The Sound of Istanbul made her known to an audience of millions. On her current album Hedûr, the singer combines musical motifs from her Kurdish roots with jazz elements: she masterfully weaves archaic melodies into multi-layered chord structures, lonely lute sounds or opulent string arrangements. With this blend, she reaches audiences across generations and cultures.In 2017, Aynur received the “Master of Mediterranean Music” award in the “Mediterranean Women in Action” category from the Berklee Mediterranean Music Institute in Boston, and in 2021 she was awarded the prestigious Womex Artist Award.

At WATER&SOUND, Aynur will meet the Water & Sound Ensemble with members of the Augsburg Philharmonic under the direction of arranger Tom Jahn in an exciting musical encounter of traditional Kurdish and Alevi music, classical music and jazz.

with Aynur (Vocals), Patrick Goraguer (Drums), Chris Jennings (Bass), Franz Von Chossy (Piano), James Wylie (Sax), Rusan Filiztek (Tembur)

Ensemble of the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tom Jahn with Aleksandra Manic (violin), Martin Franke (violin), Verena Foutsop (viola), Assia Chappot (cello), Judith Müller (flute), Jacob Karwath (bassoon), Agnes Liberta (clarinet), Andreas Unterreiner (trumpet)


06 August- Freilichtbühne 20:00

The concert will take place even in case of bad weather. Please bring weatherproof clothing. We ask that you refrain from using umbrellas.


The Freilichtbühneforms the southern boundary of the Red Gate ensemble. The three water towers are considered the oldest existing waterworks in Central Europe. It served as Augsburg’s drinking water supply for 463 years from 1416.


Before the event there is a possibility to participate in a guided tour of the water towers.

The tours will take place around 18:00. Pre-registration requested at welterbe.veranstaltungen@augsburg.de