techno & electronic music night with Daughter ProDUKT (aka Gerald Donald), Fallon Mayanja, Djonni Laser, Lindenberg Support

The CityClub at Königsplatz has been organizing techno and house club nights with contemporary electronic music for over 11 years. Through a constant examination of the origins of techno, the crew conceives a place where club culture is self-organized and developed collectively. In cooperation with the Water & Sound Festival, CityClub presents one of the most influential techno producers: Gerald Donald with his current live set “Daughter Produkt”. Gerald Donald is also co-founder of the legendary Drexciya and Doppler Effect projects.

Drexciya, which was active in Detroit from 1992 to 2002, consisted of James Stinson and Gerald Donald. In contrast to the mainstream of the time, Drexciya rejected the cult of personality and excess that surrounded the techno scene and instead focused on the conceptual and political. Afrofuturist theories played a central role in her work, especially in her album “The Quest” (1997), which states that Drexciya is an underwater land populated by the unborn children of pregnant women who were thrown overboard during the middle passage of the slave ships across the Atlantic.


an event organized by CityClub in cooperation with the Water & Sound Festival


July 26 – City Club – from 11:30 p.m.