from Italy and Augsburg

Maria Mazzotta is considered one of the most impressive and diverse voices of southern Italy. Musically at home in the tarantella and pizzica music of Puglia, she developed forks from traditional music into the freer, improvisational musical world. She sang in projects with Ballake Sissoko, Justin Adams, Juldeh Camara or Bobby McFerrin. Currently Maria Mazzotta is breaking new musical ground between tarantella, jazz and prog rock with a formation featuring Ernesto Nobili on electric guitar and percussionist Cristiano della Monica. For a joint performance at the WATER & SOUND Festival, Maria Mazzotta meets a new ensemble of the festival with this new daring conception of traditional Apulian music, The Waterbirdsconsisting of the Augsburg musicians Eva Welz (alto saxophone), Michael Salvermoser (trumpet), Jan Kiesewetter (tenor saxophone), Martin Krechlak (baritone saxophone) and Tom Jahn (Moog, Juno synthesizer).


Admission free, donations welcome


July 29 – Annahof – 9:45 pm


Once again, numerous associations and initiatives will participate with food and information booths at the festival in the Annahof: Familie des Hauses e. V., FC Öz Akdeniz e. V., Ethiopian Association, Afro Passion, Open Afro Aux and others.