MUKURA (Colombia | Argentina | Augsburg)

MUKURA (Colombia | Argentina | Augsburg)

from Colombia, Argentina and Augsburg

MÚKURA is the musical project of several Latin Americans living in Augsburg. The band, whose members come from Colombia and Argentina, combines rhythms such as cumbia, but also Andean sounds, rock and salsa.

with Juan Botía-Mena (guitar, accordion, vocals), Juan Corradi (keyboard, tenor saxophone), Andrés Estrada (percussion, vocals), Iván Gaviria (guitar, charango), Manuel Martínez (alto saxophone), Juan Muñoz (güiro), Julián Ortiz (bass), Felipe Sáenz (electric guitar), Juan Trujillo (alto saxophone, percussion)


Admission free, donations requested


July 29- Annahof 6:45 pm


Once again, numerous associations and initiatives will participate with food and information booths at the festival in the Annahof: Familie des Hauses e. V., FC Öz Akdeniz e. V., Ethiopian Association, Afro Passion, Open Afro Aux and others.