Panel and Artist Talk with Exhibition on Ecology and Politics of the Oceans and Mediterranean Region.

In her keynote “Waste, the sea and the legend of the Flying Dutchman”. author and scientist Simone Müller tells about the odysseys of the Kirsten, the Danix, the Line and the Karen B From Milan through the Mediterranean to Nigeria and back ; Four ships each loaded with a toxic amount of hazardous waste in search of a dumping ground, driven by the tides of environmental activism and anti-colonialism, seemingly doomed to cruise the Mediterranean forever.


TBA21-Academy is a research center of the international foundation Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary with the aim of promoting a deeper relationship with the ocean and other waters through art. In the second part of the panel, the moderator is in conversation with Fiona Middleton (UK) and Pietro Consolandi (Italy) about the diverse activities of the TBA21 Academy and their respective focuses. With an academic background in marine and earth sciences, Fiona views the deep sea as an extreme case for the sustainable use of the ocean. Pietro explores the possibility of implementing rights of nature for the Venice Lagoon and watershed in northern Italy from a cultural perspective.



Simone miller is DFG Heisenberg Professor of Global Environmental History and Environmental Humanities at the University of Augsburg. Her research focuses on the interconnectedness of economics and ecology, waste and toxicity, and environmental justice.


Fiona Middleton is a PhD student at the University of Southampton, where she is investigating artistic forms of marine literacy and modes of representation of the deep sea

Pietro Consolandi lives as a researcher and artist in Venice and is the founder of the collective Barena Bianca. He is an OCEAN/UNI research leader at the TBA21 Academy and a research fellow at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice

The event will be held partly in English. Admission is free.

Before the event there is a possibility to participate in a guided tour of the water towers. The tours take place around 18:00. Pre-registration requested under welterbe.veranstaltungen@augsburg.de


July 30 – max neu(n), Maximiliamstr 9 – 7:30 pm