Spaces Between

Spaces Between


An exhibition at max neu(n), Maximilianstraße 9, by French artist Gala Vanson illuminates the spaces between science and art, reality and imagination, sea and land. The illustrations are inspired by Mediterranean ecology and culture, themes such as water scarcity, desalination, marine litter, Venice, Alexandria, climate change and water myths.


Gala Vanson is a French artist and illustrator. She lives in Marseille, studied at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris and works at the intersection of painting, writing and graphic design.


spaces between @max neu(n) is from 27.7. until 30.7. Exhibition space, meeting space, venue for panels, concerts and spontaneous sessions of the festival.

The vernissage will take place in the presence of the artist and in cooperation with Galerie Strömung on 27.7. at 20:30 takes place. – with DJane Malèke Msallem

July 27- max neu(n)