An exhibition on the memory of the Atlantic

“Underwater Disobedience” immerses visitors in an exploration of the profound essence of water, weaving together sculptures, sonic compositions, and collaborative audiovisual creations crafted by the artistic duo of Diogo da Cruz and Fallon Mayanja. Rooted in the philosophical currents of hydro-feminism, their pieces delve into the interconnectedness of humanity with both fellow beings and the aqueous realms, viewing our bodies as transient vessels for the fluid that shapes our existence, and the Atlantic Ocean as a vast reservoir of collective memory.

Central to the exhibit is an experimental sci-fi film series, weaving together fragments of an afrofuturist saga depicting an underwater civilisation dwelling within the depths of the Atlantic, juxtaposed with reflections on the perils of deep-sea mining. This narrative serves as a reflection on the echoes of colonial atrocities and the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, urging viewers to contemplate a decolonized ecological perspective that challenges the limitations of Western science in addressing climate crises.

Within this evocative universe, da Cruz’s sculptures manifest as possible embodiments of the saga’s protagonists, while Mayanja’s sound installations offer novel avenues for auditory exploration. Amidst this symbiotic convergence of artistry spanning the past three years, the duo unveils their latest creation: NUUN – the Subaquatic Bird of the Atlantic, a collaborative endeavour with Sebastian Giussani. This new sculpture emerges as a fluid manifestation of the Atlantic Ocean within the intricate waterways of Augsburg, inviting audiences to contemplate the depths of our interconnected existence.


* A movement that campaigns for the protection of water bodies and against pollution of groundwater, coral reefs and ocean acidification. The idea behind this is that humans are largely made up of water and are therefore connected to all other living creatures, bodies of water and the earth.


July 25 – Hall 1 – Room for Art in the Glaspalast – 9:30 p.m.

The exhibition will open on 25.07. opens after the panel and is open from 26.07. until 05.09.2024, Tue – Sun from 10 am – 5 pm.



Diogo da Cruz
is an artist living in Lisbon and Munich and has been a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2018.

Fallon Mayanja is an artist, writer and performer based in Paris.

Sebastian Giussani is a conceptual artist, sculptor and musician in the field of experimental electronics.

Supported by “BBK – Verbindungslinien” with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

In cooperation with Kunstsammlungen Augsburg


Before the event, there is the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the World Heritage Site in the textile district. The guided tours take place at around 6:30 pm. Pre-registration requested at welterbe.veranstaltungen@augsburg.de