The Waterbird

The Waterbird

Interactive parade and art performance

The waterfowl parade moves along Augsburg’s canals and waterways from Siebentischwald to the city center accompanied by saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen’s Ensemble Labyrinth. The original water bird, inspired by the ancient Egyptian mythological figure Bennu and the symbiosis of water and music, the cyclical and immortal, will be joined during the course of the parade by “NUUN – the Subaquatic Bird of the Atlantic”.

In a dynamic collaboration between the Munich-based Portuguese artist Diogo da Cruz, the Parisian sound artist Fallon Mayanja and the artist Sebastian Giussani, “Th e Subaquatic Bird of the Atlantic” is a captivating, multi-layered sculpture that embodies a mythical presence. This enigmatic creature, traversing time and the depths of the ocean, embodies the essence of the Atlantic – its ceaseless movement, its pulsating life and its poignant tales of loss. NUUN stands like a sentinel, bearing witness to both the events on the surface and the hidden dramas in the depths. Its form goes beyond mere sculpture and is at the same time a body of sound that resonates with the symphonies of the sea.

In Roten Tor Park, the parade will be joined by other musicians from the group Florence Adooni from Ghana, and a “washing festival” with performers Christiane Kuck and Sofía Montenegro Moreno, among others. Afterwards, the waterfowl continue through the old town along the canals to the stage of the Water & Sound Festival in the Annahof.

presented in cooperation with the Office for Social Integration of the City of Augsburg


The Subaquatic Bird of the Atlantic is sponsored by “BBK – Verbindungslinien” with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art.


The many different streams and canals in the city forest brought drinking and process water to the city. While the drinking water came from spring streams, the service water was diverted from the Lech in canals. The ramparts at the Red Gate are bordered by an aqueduct towards the open-air stage. This bridge supplied the waterworks at the Red Gate with water from the city forest in the south. The canals in the Lech district have been supplying water power for over 1000 years. The Lech canals were indispensable for the many handicraft businesses, which used water wheels to drive their machines.


July 27 – Siebentischpark – Rotes Tor Park – Altstadt – Maximilianstraße – start at 17:00 at the Schaelzerbrunnen in Siebentischpark
Starting point: Schaezlerbrunnen in Siebentischpark at 5:00 pm